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So, as my last list was SO popular, I have decided to do another one with some wonderful accounts I didn’t put in last time. Obviously, I could keep doing these until the end of time because there are so many great people out there. I have had the pleasure of being able to connect with some amazing people due to this community, and I want you all to have a range of bopo accounts on your Instagram. So without further ado, here are some more accounts that I love and I think could be helpful to you all:


selfloveclubb & positivitypoppa

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Okay so you probably have heard of these guys so far and I’m just very into the fact that a couple is on a body positive journey together.

One of my favourite things that Milly talks about is her body confidence post-baby. Despite not having a child myself, I think it is very important that mothers reclaim their confidence in a society that is trying to force you to be a certain way.

Rishi was one of the first male bopo accounts I found and I was really happy to have stumbled across his positive space. He puts himself out there to the max on so many levels. To all my male followers: FOLLOW HIM.



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Kitty is a fellow “inbetweenie” model, who I love (not just because she is generally an awesome human) but because she shows that models don’t have to fit into a tiny little box to be beautiful and successful.



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Amber is the curvy, nerdy fashionista we all need in our lives, and I highly recommend her account for super down to earth bopo outfits J



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You have probably heard of Sonny by now, but she is honestly such a queen. She doesn’t shy away from talking about shitty skin days or shitty body image days, and it just feels so raw and genuine.



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Amalie is an outspoken activist and I find her so inspiring. She just calls out all the bullshit in the industry, and has no fear when it comes to talking about about what she believes is right.



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Dana is open, brave and a feminist hero. She is really honest about her body image struggles, and challenges herself so much, inspiring me to challenge my own internalised body images issues.



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Mental Movement is a fantastic online magazine that really aims to explore mental illnesses. The founders are absolute sweethearts who are always honest about their own mental health struggles. Also, the mag itself is so fresh and vibrant.



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I love that Khrystyana puts an artistic style to her body positivity: she writes poetry and takes photos that are both beautiful and challenging.



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My girl Michelle (scarrednotscared) has a second account where she fixes bullshit diet culture/body shaming memes. Honestly, so many of them have me saying “yaaaass” at my phone.



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A shoutout to another male bopo account! It is really nice to see a rise in male accounts and Stevie is super supportive of the community. He talks about a multitude of extremely important issues that affect men when it comes to body image, so so go and check him out!



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Imogen is the coolest person ever, and she has been on such a journey. I had the pleasure of meeting her not long ago on a bopo meetup, and I genuinely felt like we connected through both having debilitating illnesses. She could tell when my energy was lagging, and just understands the relationship between disability and body positivity.



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The unedit is a fantastic site that really pushes the boat out when it comes to body positive, feminist writing. I am genuinely always drawn to read the articles on there, and Terri has done an amazing job at making the website meaningful to our community.



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Jolie’s posts honestly have me laughing so hard one moment, then tearing up in the next. They are on point every time. She mixes humour with raw honesty, and also puts up really thoughtful socio-political posts. I am also a big fan of how she challenges diet culture, her posts always resonate with me.


If there are any bopo accounts I haven’t mentioned that you LOVE, let me know on my latest post and I will check them out.


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