Hey guys! So I decided I would do a lovely compiled list of all the women I find SO damn inspiring to follow. I have found that making my social media more positive for me and my body image changes the way I feel about everything. Sometimes you just don’t want to wake up absolutely bombarded with overly photoshopped supermodels. I’ve put these accounts into sections depending on how I feel they help me the most. I also want to quickly give you a heads up about @iamleyahshanks because she the founder of The Body Confidence Revolution that I am a part of, and many of the IG accounts on here are part of that group! That being said, here are some accounts that I want to recommend, (I’m sure you know some already):


Accounts that remind me we can all overcome eating disorders (and live happily ever after!)



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The inspiring Megan who similarly overcame an eating disorder to become wonderfully prosperous and positive.



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I love Gina’s account because she always keeps it real and sticks to her guns. She addresses disordered eating so well and often her posts keep me on track.



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Sarah has not only recovered but posts the yummiest food. It is so inspiring to know that she enjoys her food so much post-recovery.



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I find Connie so uplifting because of her bravery and willingness to be so open. It just oozes out of her.



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Gabby is another person who has overcome so much to be in the place she is now. I find it lovely to watch her grow and help others with her positive attitude.


Accounts that remind me fashion is for everybody, and we should wear what makes us happy.

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Niamh is the lingerie queen and I personally find it really lovely to see that passion she has for it. It is also great to see someone with a beautiful, unretouched body modelling lingerie.



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I love Lottie’s account because she just proves that you can enjoy fashion regardless of your weight. It isn’t just about advocating how you feel without clothes on but with clothes on aswell.



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My little Instagram bestie from across the pond: I did a blog post on her a while ago but I never wrote about just how sassy her style is. I love it!


Accounts that remind me to stay strong in the face of adversity



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Michelle is the creator of the hashtag scarrednotscared and she, like me, has an invisible illness. I love waking up to a little quote post from her in the mornings to lift my spirits.



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What can I say? Kenzie is a super courageous and beautiful woman. Her posts have definitely picked me up on some days when I was feeling down.



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I love this lady because she is often open about her own doubts and fears. I think it is really important that we still share with you guys that we also have down days so we can pick one another up again.



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Amalie is a survivor of sexual assault and an all-around badass feminist. She makes me feel like I have the power to stand up to anyone and achieve anything.


Accounts that remind me beauty comes in so many different forms



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My gal Jess posts some really beautiful modelling photos. I love it when we show that women can have rolls and cellulite and still create lovely photographs.



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The same goes for Charlie! She also doesn’t have the typical “acceptable” thin body which I think is great. I like that fact that she is a straight sized model fighting with the bopo movement because it is for everyone.



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Fran is such a positive light in the bopo world! Her blog posts are definitely worth a read as she often talks about things I think we all grapple with.


Accounts that make me feel empowered af



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This lovely chick reminds me that I do not have to be ripped as hell to be fit. Health looks different on everyone and I like that she promotes fitness for the inner you.



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This account honestly has some of the best bopo material on it. There are quotes interspersed with reposts from body positive accounts, and it always makes me feel so positive.



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Grace always keeps it real and has this beautiful cool vibe about her. Everything she posts just feels honest and raw.


@candace_reels (femalecollective)

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My final lady is dearest Candace, the founder of the Female Collective. This is less bopo more female empowerment but it is all interconnected. Her t-shirts make me feel like I am 100% girl boss.


I hope this little list was helpful to you guys. This is by no means completely comprehensive and there are many other wonderful members of the bopo tribe out there who I’m sure I will put on another list. This is just my personal list of those who inspire me on a daily basis. Much love to you guys on this lovely Friday night! (Don’t forget to have a shot of tequila and a drunken pizza for me.)


Essie xxx